Playbook: Ensuring the highest levels of Data Integrity to supercharge your certainty 

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This playbook outlines the framework our Global Data Collection team has developed to tackle online survey fraud, an issue which last year cost the research and insights industry over £1billion.  

What’s the challenge?

  • Bot Farms
  • AI / ChatGPT Automation
  • Ghost Completes
  • Professional Panellists

We’ve developed an operational framework that combines proprietary and industry leading technology, all overseen by dedicated human intervention to tackle this industry-wide issue.

Integrity Score: Dedicated resource to tackle the issue head on 

Download our Data Integrity ebook and learn the Ins & Outs of our industry leading framework that is tackling survey fraud head on. We firmly believe issues caused by technology can be solved by technology.

Why choose our framework?

  • Dedicated Data Integrity managers provide thorough analysis at a project level
  • Digital fingerprinting against every survey respondent
  • Bespoke survey techniques for enhanced plausibility checks
  • Tech solutions to capture AI / ChatGPT style responses

All checks, when cross-referenced, create a unique integrity score per survey respondent. This accumulated score acts as an indicator to determine whether we should keep an individual within the data set.

How to get tangible results:

Download the ebook to see results in action. On average, we have seen a 32% removal rate of respondents failing integrity checks, with a spike in sectors such as B2B , and markets such as the US.

On completion of projects, we provide a Data Integrity report detailing the process and removals for your project, including:

  • Checks conducted and removals made at a market level
  • Recommendations from our Data Integrity experts
  • Industry norm stats for detailed project analysis

The ResearchBods Global Data Collection Division is dedicated to supporting clients with data confidence and giving them the conviction to be able to stand behind their data – especially when it comes to informing significant strategic business decisions for end clients.

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