The Food Factor: A recipe for wellbeing, amongst pre-families and young families

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While the wellness market overflows with new offerings, the reality is harsh: that being well can be hard, particularly for young people.

Did you know:

  • Only 1 in 4 young families in our Wellbeing research felt able to prioritise themselves
  • 40% of participants said lack of motivation is a barrier to improving their wellbeing
  • 30% of participants found physical wellbeing to present the biggest barrier to improvement of their overall wellbeing

In this ebook we uncover the key roles food and drink brands can play in reducing mental load, offering time-saving solutions, and creating joyful moments of self-care.

We partnered with leading delivery brand, Deliveroo, to understand what food and drink brands can do to support wellbeing in this space, and how they are uniquely placed to do so.

Through extensive qual and quant research, we navigate the shifting dynamics of wellbeing through the eyes of pre-families and young families, exploring the unique and sometimes surprising key drivers and needs that are emerging today.

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