AI state of mind: Insights and attitudes to shape the future

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AI holds clear potential to improve user experiences, boost productivity and enhance research – but there’s a balance to strike.

Did you know:

  • 36% of Gen Z already see AI as a valuable tool for learning and personal growth
  • Almost half of respondents felt uneasy about the idea that AI could remove the human touch from customer service
  • There are clear differences in how people view AI’s use in different sectors

This ebook offers a valuable glimpse into how people of all ages view this still developing technology. It contains important insights, actionable advice for brands and researchers, and core questions to encourage curiosity and divergent thinking around the future of AI.

This piece of research began as a mission to find out how AI could bolster the survey process. To do that, we created a test survey asking consumers about their attitudes towards AI, and the role they see it playing in their futures. We surveyed 1,500 consumers living across the UK across all traditional demographics, with an equal split between Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z.

But as we gathered responses, we saw the mix of feelings surrounding this rapidly evolving technology, and realised a more critical opportunity lay in understanding the human perspective on AI, and how this might inform its future use.

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