Why every brand needs an Insight Community

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Today’s customer journeys are more complex than ever, making it tough for brands to truly connect with and understand their audience.

Brands face hurdles in getting to know their customers, doing more with less, and always pushing for innovation.

Insight Community is a dynamic online platform for long-term market research. It allows you to engage with your current and future customers in real-time, all in a secure and transparent environment. With Insight Community, you can tackle challenges head-on, gain deeper customer insights, boost collaboration, and make smarter decisions that drive growth and innovation.

In our comprehensive guide, we outline everything you need to know about Insight Communities:

  • 10 reasons on why your business needs an Insight Community
  • How Insight Communities can help you tackle your business challenges
  • Examples on how different teams can use Insight Communities
  • Case studies showcasing success stories from various industries
  • A step by step guide on building a strong business case, ensuring strategic purpose and ROI

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"The insights have the power to influence strategic and commercial plans at Twinings by ensuring we continue to put the consumer at the heart of what we do." - Consumer Insights Director, Twinings

Dive into this book and discover how Insight Communities can transform your customer engagement! By the end, you’ll grasp the key framework, essential parameters, and KPIs that define a successful community. You’ll see how this tool can elevate your customer understanding to new heights. Ready to make a powerful case for Insight Communities in your business? We’ll show you how.


Plus, our expert team is here to help, specializing in industries from retail to travel, automotive to financial services, and more. Got questions? We’re excited to answer them and help you craft your own Insight Community plan. Let’s unlock deeper customer insights together!

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