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Elevate your confidence with on-demand customer insights that drive long-term business impact. Our Custom Insight offering provides unmatched flexibility, delivering tailored solutions aligned with your unique requirements.

Personalised approach

Gain a personalised edge in real-time consumer insights with our custom approach. With a unique blend of technology, data and strategic thinking, our insights team empowers you to anticipate customers’ evolving needs.

Rapidly adapt to market changes, eliminate uncertainty and forge stronger customer connections with insight data from a global panel of consumers. Whether it’s a small or large project, our bespoke custom insight solutions will enhance your decision-making process.

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Download the Gen Z report

In our proprietary research study of 2022, we wanted to find out how we can be more successful at engaging Gen Z in market research. In this nearly 12-month project – involving more than 1,100 16 to 24-year-olds in the UK – we went on a mission to discover what motivates them to engage in conversations with brands, as well as what switches them off. We also looked at ways to make community membership a more engaging and rewarding experience for this group. Download our playbook below to find out more.

Cover all your market research needs with leading customer insights

Our team specialises in the entire research spectrum, using an extensive survey library featuring everything from brand affinity, heatmaps and media evaluators, to complex pricing and statistical techniques. All of this allows you to leverage comprehensive insight data to enhance the user experience and achieve results.

Our qualitative customer research modules delve into the reasons behind their choices, utilising discussion rooms, forums, diary studies and online focus groups. For an extensive market research analysis, our global network of 110 million deeply profiled consumers across 85 countries allows you to tap into specific audiences and niches for more accurate customer profiling.

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The future of wellbeing – key take outs

Webinar on-demand.

In our proprietary research study for 2023, we’re exploring what wellbeing really means to consumers, uncovering new wellbeing trends and behaviours, and running deep dives with client partners to understand how brands can capitalise on these trends in 2023.

Top quality insight for long-term impact

Data is a powerful tool for better decision-making when it is translated into actionable insights. We carefully select the right experts for each project, ensuring a winning combination of expertise and enthusiasm to support your goals.

Our findings are transformed into easily understandable outputs that enable you to visualise and interpret customer insights and data effortlessly. These enable seamless sharing with end users and team members, providing robust evidence to support your arguments that gets stronger over time. We also provide valuable business insights to inform your next steps.

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Built to suit brands and budgets of all sizes

Size shouldn’t hinder you from gaining the insight edge. We understand that not all brand research needs to have the same budget, and we strive to accommodate your specific financial constraints.

The beauty of our flexibility lies in our ability to handle both small, intricate tasks and large-scale projects. No matter the size, we can support your research and help you achieve your goals with leading customer insights solutions.

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