Global Data Collection

Connect with a large consumer panel to supercharge your market research.

Boost your decision-making process by harnessing lightning-fast data collection from a global consumer panel facilitated by our online quantitative specialists.

Access online panel data from 110 million deeply-profiled consumers across 60 sectors in 85 countries for more detailed insights than ever before.

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Robust and reliable data

Quality data drives better decision-making and enables closer customer connections. In today’s dynamic markets, where customer needs change rapidly, timely and accurate answers are essential.

Our Global Data Collection division specialises in online quantitative research, providing survey scripting, global consumer panel access and data processing. As your survey design partner, we offer a dedicated team to help you tap into audiences, obtain reliable answers and produce trustworthy panel data.

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Effective surveys that generate 1000s of responses

Skilled developers and scripting teams generate thousands of responses by using intuitive UX, striking visuals and mobile-led design to create custom surveys for a huge customer panel that are effective on any device.

With over 250 question types available, we offer a wide range of options, from sophisticated methodologies to household favourites like creative, product and pricing testing. Our meticulously scripted surveys, combined with captivating design and great UX, ensure maximum volume and quality of responses from a global research panel.

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The future of wellbeing – key take outs

Webinar on-demand.

In our proprietary research study for 2023, we’re exploring what wellbeing really means to consumers, uncovering new wellbeing trends and behaviours, and running deep dives with client partners to understand how brands can capitalise on these trends in 2023.

Guaranteed data quality

By implementing a comprehensive 15-point quality checklist at every stage, our solutions maintain consistent panel data quality and accuracy. During the scripting process, we conduct simulated data checks to verify the correct application of routing logic.

We thoroughly test surveys on multiple platforms, browsers, operating systems and devices to enhance the user experience. Additionally, we meticulously examine the data integrity, identifying and addressing issues such as speeders, flatliners and low-quality verbatim responses.

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Fast, flexible service from day one

We pride ourselves on delivering customer experience research that works around you. We’re fast, flexible and responsive from the word go. Our 24-hour RFQ request turnaround time ensures no waiting games and immediate insights from a global market research panel. Your dedicated project manager will keep you informed with daily updates, giving you control without overwhelming you.

We adapt to your preferences; whether you want us to handle everything or need reliable support, we’ve got you covered. Our flexibility extends to budgets too and we cater to projects of all sizes. Speak to us about your budget concerns; we rarely encounter a challenge we can’t overcome.

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If you’ve got a time-sensitive project, submit an RFQ and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. If we can help, we’ll get the ball rolling immediately. Otherwise, get in touch to book a free consultation where you can find out specific details about how customer research solutions can help you.