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Power up your decision making with super fast data collection from a global consumer panel – all through our online quant specialists.

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Get robust data you can rely on

Good data helps drive better decision making. And better decisions bring you closer to your customers. But in today’s world, markets don’t stay still for long, and customers’ needs change constantly. To keep up, you need answers fast, and you need to know they’re accurate.

Our Global Data Collection division specialises in online quant, providing survey scripting, global market research panel access and data processing. Focus groups. Survey panels. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered. As your expert survey design partner, we’ll provide a dedicated team to help you tap into audiences, get answers, and produce data you can rely on.

Beautiful surveys that generate 1000s of responses

Our in-house developers and scripting teams have the skills and tools that guarantee our customer surveys generate thousands of responses from any audience. Focusing on intuitive UX, striking visuals, and mobile-led design, we create beautiful, bespoke surveys that deliver a fantastic experience on any device. We can also replicate various brand touchpoints, portals, and user interfaces that your customers might engage with for new product development or creative and concept testing.

We have a massive library with over 250 types of questions, from the most sophisticated methodologies around to household favourites like creative, concept or pricing testing.

We script each survey meticulously, applying rigorous logic to make sure it’s airtight. Coupled with the eye-catching design and great UX, this maximises the volume and quality of responses to each customer survey.

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110 million consumers.
85 countries.
60 sectors.

Our global survey panel gives you access to 110 million deeply-profiled consumers across 60 sectors in 85 countries. Get a full market read or zoom in on specialist audiences to target a specific niche.

Once we’ve got the results, we can take care of the data processing and tabulation. And, if needed, we’ll transform our findings into a super easy-to-follow report that lets you visualise everything effortlessly.

Have complete confidence in your data quality

We run an exhaustive 15-point quality checklist throughout the lifecycle of every project to ensure our data is consistently accurate.

  • Simulated data checks are run to ensure routing logic has been applied correctly in the scripting process.
  • Surveys are checked on a wide variety of platforms, browsers, operating systems and devices to optimise user experience.
  • Data integrity is checked for speeders, flatliners and poor quality verbatim responses.

This rigorous quality control ensures the work lands in your lap on time and on-spec.

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Fast, flexible service from day one

We pride ourselves on delivering customer experience research that works around you. We’re fast, flexible and responsive from the word go. We guarantee a 24 hour turnaround time for RFQ requests. No waiting around for a yes or no. We only bid for projects we know we can deliver on time and on-spec. So if we say we can do it, we will.

Your dedicated project manager will drive projects forward and make sure you get what you need. They’ll keep you in the loop with daily updates, so you know what’s going on without getting bogged down in the details.

You can be as involved in the process as you like.

Want us to do all the heavy lifting? No problem. And we’ll be there when you need a safe pair of hands to pick up the slack. Whatever works for you. It’s all part of our unrivalled flexibility.

The same goes for budgets. Although most of our projects cover a global scale, we take on projects of all sizes and offer solutions to suit different budgets. It’s rare that we can’t make something work so speak to us if budget is a concern.

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If you’ve got a time-sensitive project, submit an RFQ and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. If we can help, we’ll get the ball rolling immediately.

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