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The only market research tool you'll need.

Create a unified space for thousands of customers, enabling continuous engagement. Unveil the driving forces behind customer behaviour, allowing you to swiftly adapt and meet their evolving needs.

Real-time customer engagement

Harness the power of a secure, fully branded customer research environment to connect and engage with hundreds of thousands of consumers in real-time. Gain valuable insights from your customers to make informed decisions that drive product and service improvements.

Our comprehensive toolkit combines consumer research, profiling and brand data to provide a holistic view of each customer, supported by a dedicated team of experts who integrate seamlessly with your business – empowering you to stay ahead of changing customer behaviour and adapt to their evolving needs.

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Your personal team of specialists

Get a dedicated team of experts who seamlessly integrate with your insight team, supporting and maximising the value of your community. From project managers to insight specialists and community health experts, they ensure a lively and engaging environment. Simplify communication by having a single key contact who liaises with the entire team.

As part of the STRAT7 group, Researchbods taps into a vast pool of expertise, including analytics, cultural insights and specialised consultants, enabling deeper market research insights and significant business impact through a unified relationship.

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The complete guide to Insight Communities in 2023

Today, customer journeys are more fragmented than ever. So it can be difficult for brands to truly hear and quantify the need of their customers. Insight Communities are an online platform designed for long-term market research which allow brands to engage with their customers (current and future) in real-time – in a safe, transparent, and secure online environment.

Powered by the world’s leading community platform

Unleash the power of our leading community insight platform, ex-plor, for an in-depth understanding of consumer choices. Our versatile toolkit features 250+ question types, captivating visuals and mobile-friendly design to create engaging surveys and drive high response rates.

Dive into consumer behaviours and attitudes with immersive qualitative modules like discussion rooms, forums, diary studies, interactive maps and online focus groups. AI-powered market research tools extract common themes for quick insights, providing lightning-fast answers from our always-on community. Experience the joy of speed and efficiency in today’s marketplace.

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Actionable insights that deliver real impact

Our insight experts turn raw data into actionable insights that deliver true business impact. We’ll use our expertise to interrogate data and uncover the eureka moments where your most important business questions are answered. Then we’ll transform our findings into short stories that land and stick.

Taking into consideration your aims and objectives, we’ll share our findings with you and suggest next steps, so you know what to do to stay one step ahead of your customers.

Over time, we’ll build a body of knowledge that informs every project. The quality and depth of our insights will continuously improve, giving you even greater certainty in your decision making.

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