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Make faster data-driven decisions. Power in-depth analysis and planning. Use insight as a catalyst for growth. Our dashboard module makes finding and sharing your latest data quick and easy. Not only do we gather all your data in one place, we help you to understand it too.

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Sharing is caring. Great insight should power better decisions across your business. It needs to be easy to find and share. Our dashboard can serve up data from a wide range of sources including...

researchbods dashboard

Data collection

  • Brand tracking.
  • Brand health.
  • Campaign tracking.
  • Segmentation data.
researchbods dashboard

Customer experience

  • Net Promoter Score.
  • Social listening.
  • Customer touch points.
  • Sentiment analysis.
researchbods dashboard

Insight communities

  • Community health.
  • Member engagement across all comms.
  • Sentiment analysis on text.
  • Easily find member comments on specific subjects.
researchbods dashboard


  • Data from your research programmes.
  • Third-party survey data.
  • Photo dashboards.
  • CRM data.

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