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If you've got the questions, we've got the tools. With a library of over 250 different question types you can easily script and design your own surveys, or leave it to our in-house team. We have hundreds of quantitative and qualitative question types, all of which are fully responsive to any device.

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Survey fatigue is real! With our wide range of different question types, the ability to add branding, images and logic jumps, we make participation fun and engaging.

researchbods market research survey tool

Huge question library

Dig deeper with over 250 question types at your disposal. Sliders, grids, highlighter tools, heatmaps, brand affinity and much much more.

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Implicit Association Testing

Discover your customer’s fast, automatic response to your media. From recall tests to see what messages are landing. To magazine layouts which time which pages get the most attention. Uncover implicit associations with a wide range of different media.

researchbods market research survey tool

Instant survey templates

Your time is precious. With our pre-designed surveys and exhaustive question library, it’s never been quicker or easier to get the data you need. Plus it means your colleagues can get in on the action without any scripting knowledge.

researchbods market research survey tool

Bespoke questions

Our friendly team are always on hand if you need help in designing and scripting your survey. Our developers can also create bespoke stylised questions to match your brand.

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