Empowering customer financial health: Insights and strategies from our research with LV=

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Financial wellbeing is a crucial component of our overall wellness, secondary only to physical health. However, as financial pressures mount, maintaining financial stability is becoming increasingly challenging. Even traditionally financially secure consumers are feeling the strain.

Alongside fear of things getting worse, the stigma associated with being financially worse off and the price tag attached to ‘financial advice’ mean people often suffer in silence. They place the onus on themselves to find a way out but are crying out for support from brands. In fact, 73% of consumers believe that financial brands have a role to play in discussing financial wellbeing.

In collaboration with the leading protection brand LV=, we set out to explore the role of brands in promoting financial wellbeing.

In this webinar, we explored:

  • Why brands must do more to emphasise the link between financial wellbeing and overall wellness
  • The paradox where being financially savvy doesn’t always feel like a good thing
  • The importance of the three A’s (autonomy, action and accessibility) in financial wellbeing
  • LV= initiatives aimed at supporting financial wellbeing for their customers
  • Three actions for brands to take to support their customer financial wellbeing

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