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Good data helps drive better decision making. In today's rapidly changing world, when you need answers, you need them fast. Yet it can be difficult to tap into the right audience or the right niche. Not only can we help you find the right people, but we can also oversee scripting, processing and tabulating of results.

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Global consumer panel

Achieve a truly global reach with access to audiences in 85 countries and more than 110 million consumers. Drill down into specialist and niche audiences to find the right people for your brand.

  • Consumers including education, employment, family, pets, media consumption, mobile provider and more.
  • B2B Job Roles including board member, director, manager, supervisor.
  • B2B Industries¬†including advertising, IT, government, education, media, retail, health, manufacturing.

Rigorous quality control

We are ISO 27001 accredited and registered as Data Controllers under the Data Protection Act: Nr.Z5498703. We carry out stringent quality checks throughout the entire lifecycle of the project.

  • Simulated data checks are run to ensure routing logic has been applied correctly in the scripting process.
  • Surveys are checked on a wide variety of platforms, browsers, operating systems and devices to optimise user experience.
  • Integrity of data is checked for speeders, flatliners and poor quality verbatim responses.

Comprehensive question library

With an innovative library of over 250 question types ready to use, its never been easier to get the answers you need. All of our questions are designed to work on any device or browser and are user-friendly.

  • Pricing and product optimisation – max diff, van westerndorp, conjoint (MBC and CBC), gabor granger
  • NPD and creative/concept testing – augmented reality, text highlighter, heat maps and replicated shopping experiences
  • Implicit Association Testing (IAT) – implicit association tests, time questions, recall tests,

Whatever the audience, we've got you covered

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